Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's Tournament Time Again

The film reviews take a back seat for the next two weeks (even though I'll post a review of The Science of Sleep sometime soon) as the NCAA basketball tournament begins tonight with things getting into full swing on Thursday. Living relatively close to Syracuse, the Orange have always been my favorite team and it's downright robbery that they were left out in favor of goobers like Arkansas and Illinois, who I'm sure that Syracuse could beat both easily. Overall, I think this was the worst tournament I can remember; anyone on this year's selection committee should be barred from college basketball forever. Want a list of things they did wrong?

-no Syracuse, Kansas State and Drexel but Arkansas, Illinois, and Stanford
-Butler as a no. 5 seed when they've stunk for the past month.
-Washington State a 3 and Texas a 4 having to play UNC
-shafting the Big East in general

Anyway, here are my picks:

East Regional: Texas over Georgetown
Upset Special: Texas over UNC and Georgetown

South Regional: Ohio State over Nevada
Upset Special: Nevada over Memphis and Texas A&M, Albany over Virginia

Midwest Regional: Florida over Oregon
Upset Special: Old Dominion over Butler

West Regional: UCLA over Kansas
Upset Special: VCU over Duke

Final Four: UCLA over Florida
Ohio State over Texas
UCLA over Ohio State

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