Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Concert Calendar

Not much too report in regards to film reviews. My work schedule hasn't allowed for time to watch anything. Summer means concerts however. I'm off to Scranton for Phil Lesh & Friends with Trey and Mike with the Duo tonight. I got seats five rows from the stage so it should be great. Phil & Friends were really on at Bonnaroo but I didn't get to see the SuperJam which was Trey, Mike, the Duo with a special appearance by Phil. My friend and I went over to see who was in the SuperJam but it was already 12:30 and they hadn't started yet. We were exhausted and left and must have missed the start by about five minutes. Anyway, tonight will make up for it. As for next week, Little Feat returns to the glorious Magic City Music Hall in Johnson City, NY. I went when they came last year and was suprisingly impressed, considering I thought Little Feat without Lowell George would pretty much stink. They proved me wrong, and I hope they do the same next tuesday. And Magic City better have their AC working this time.

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