Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cache (Hidden)

Cache (Michael Haneke, 2006) [8]
I’m pretty unfamiliar with Haneke’s work, but from what I hear, this is supposed to be his most accessible film to date. It’s a nicely constructed thriller with some taut moments but it doesn’t have anything that really pushes the boundaries of the genre. What Haneke does do is create his suspense in creative ways. For me, there was nothing that put me more on edge than the opening scene, where it looks like nothing is happening and the viewer can’t tell what exactly is going on. Things get a little bogged down when political and racial history are thrown in, but Haneke is smart in that he doesn’t let it take over the film. It’s mostly the means to an end if that makes any sense. I’m not quite sure why I liked this so much considering the main characters are Euro Yuppies who are wracked by guilt, which doesn’t sound that appealing to my tastes. However, it all comes together to make an interesting film. Definitely a contender for best of 2006.

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