Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tournament Time

The Wong Kar-Wai reviews are coming a little later this afternoon but first, it's March Madness. If there's one sporting event that allows even people with no knowledge of it to participate in prediciting winners, it would be the NCAA college basketball tournament. And while many cineastes, if any actually read this site, detest any form of sports, I'm partial to college basketball. So let me indulge myself and bore you with my picks for this years tournament.

Atlanta Region winner: Duke (even though I hate their guts and somebody [Syracuse] beats them)
Atlanta Upset Special: Nothing. I got chalk almost all the way through.

Oakland Region winner: Gonzaga
Oakland upset Special: San Diego State over Indiana

Washington Region winner: Connecticut
Washington Upset Special: Wichita State over Seton Hall & Tennessee

Minneapolis Region Winner: Florida
Minneapolis Upset Special: Arizona over Villanova, Georgetown over Ohio State

Final Four: Gonzaga over Duke
Connecticut over Florida

National Championship: Connecticut over Gonzaga

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