Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it Any More!

It turns out my sickening hunch was right as Crash hijacked Best Picture. Yesterday I wrote that if it won, I would boycott watching the Oscars for all eternity. A promise is a promise so I'm through with the Oscars. What is wrong with Hollywood? How can the best film of the year be a film about "paint-by-numbers racism" (not my words, I stole 'em) that offers nothing new or insightful to say about the subject? That Crash can be considered some kind of revolutionary, insightful, or important film is crazy. It has nothing thematically or asethetically that makes it any different from most middle-of-the-road crap that comes out of Hollywood that tacks on manipulative emotional baggage (I'm looking your way, A Beautiful Mind).

Another worrisome factor was the brainwashing cult surrounding the film that is making others believe Haggis's retarded logic. I wholeheartedly respect Roger Ebert's opinion, but in this case he is dead wrong in his assesment of this film. Plus, Oprah got all her mindless lemmings to fall in line behind her in Crash's support. It's incredibly dangerous to have people in a place of influence to come out and say this film knows what it's talking about in terms of race. All Crash really is a guilt trip for what passes as a liberal these days. As a liberal myself, this film is insulting to me in that Haggis seems he can pin down race relations to a series of emotionally manipulative moments disguised as something important when they actually offer nothing new or of substance.

As for the Oscars, the show itself was the most enjoyable I can remember in some time. Jon Stewart did a bang-up job and I hope he gets invited to host again. But I won't be watching. If films like Titantic, Chicago, A Beautiful Mind, Shakespeare In Love, Dances With Wolves, and Crash continue to win best picture, I have no interest. And it pisses me off.

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