Friday, March 10, 2006

The Aristocrats

The Aristocrats (Paul Provenza, 2005) [3]
To put it plain and simple, this is probably the worst film, in terms of form and structure, which I have seen in a long time. It’s completely awful. Provenza doesn’t let a shot last more than 10 seconds before he has to switch to a different angle, sometimes in the middle of a sentence. It is one of the most annoying, amateurish looking devices I have seen in a film, possibly ever. Add to that the fact that he hardly ever lets a comedian finish his or her version of the joke, needing to think he has to cut to others to keep it interesting; it’s a disaster. And it really isn’t that funny. Sure, Bob Saget and Gilbert Gottfried steal the show but it wasn’t as funny as I was led to believe. The repetition makes the joke deadens the impact and only the comedians that step outside the original form (Martin Mull and Kevin Pollock doing a hilarious Christopher Walken) enliven this boring film.

I said a Wong Kar-Wai In The Mood For Love/2046 review was on the way and it will be, hopefully by Monday.

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