Thursday, May 17, 2007

On a very special Hannity & Colmes...

I know I'm breaking two rules I made for this site by posting on politics and television, but this is too good to pass up. Knowing that Jerry Falwell, who was always a shining figure of compassion, had just passed away, I just had to see how the fair and balanced "journalists" at Fox News would canonize him. I happened to catch Hannity & Colmes at just the right moment, as the Irish gorilla and Colmes were interviewing Christian toady Ralph Reed and noted prick and anti-theist Christopher Hitchens about Falwell. What transpired may have been the single most gleeful television event I've ever seen. Hitchens, who normally I'm no fan of, teared Falwell apart. While some make scoff at treating a recently deceased man so poorly, there's probably no one that deserved it more than Jerry Falwell. Hitchens then destroys an indignant Hannity by arguing (rightly) that he was invited on the program to give his opinion on the man, which he certainly does. Hannity then dissolves into babbling incoherently until Colmes finally gets his nerve up to go to commercial. Watch it here. Television gold.

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