Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monthly Listening Post - April 2007

The hours of my new job have made it difficult to watch anything, so the film reviews will be sporadic for the next couple of weeks. But I can still recommend some music for this month. Here's what I've been listening to for April:

Bright Eyes - Cassadaga
Kings of Leon - Because of the Times
Great Lake Swimmers - Ongiara (this isn't for sale in the US until May8 but for some reason it's available for
download at ITunes.)
Amos Lee - Supply and Demand
Brightblack Morning Light - Ala.cali.tucky (their first album produced by Will Oldham. It's a tough find but I
prefer it to their self-titled release last year.)

This week also sees the reissued and remastered albums of Sly & the Family Stone and Leonard Cohen. I suggest to anyone who hasn't listened to either check out 'Stand' by Sly and 'Songs From a Room' by Leonard Cohen. Two fantastic albums.

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