Monday, April 02, 2007


Beerfest (Jay Chandrasekhar, 2006) [3]
As the title of this blog says, I'm a film snob. Still, I try to make an effort to once and a while see something outside of what parameters I have for film. Usually, that means comedies since their laughs cover up things I would pick apart. Comedy troupe Broken Lizard don't make great films to be sure, but they could do a lot better than this. Super Troopers had its moments that were really funny, but nothing in this beer-soaked bore is that funny. The plot is half-baked and stupid, revelling in humor that would appeal to any meatheaded frat boy that spent college playing beer pong and being a jackass. Since I spent my college experience wholeheartedly avoiding situations and people like that, it's no wonder I found the adolescent humor in this film to be less than hilarious. Outside of that audience, I can't see how this film would be appealing to anyone else. It may be a little unfair that I hold this film to higher standards than what it's aiming for, which appears to be the lowest brow possible. But if you want to waste my time, add some better jokes.

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