Friday, January 23, 2009

Useless Film Snob Version 3.0

I have mostly kept this site up as a way to write about film and other topics on a fairly regular basis. The lack of any consistent readership and continuing irrelevance of some review have made it difficult over time. I know this site exists solely for myself and even posting this is a egomaniacal act of some delusion (yeah everyone out there who doesn't come here, let me tell you what I'm going to do). Anyway, to sum things up, I've decided to head to grad school to get my MFA in creative writing. I am taking the time to get my non-blog writing up to a standard that I feel is of a level to be considered. This will be mean less posts and a revised form of operation here at the site. The new rules are as follows:

-I will no longer review every film I see. This will mean less reviews but hopefully the reviews I do decide to write will have a bit more focus and examination to them.

-I will try my best to review more films during their theatrical release. I've said this before but in a place like Binghamton, seeing what I want to see in a timely manner isn't always possible. I know the possibility of torrents are out there, but I can barely operate blogger let alone figure out and take the time to download torrents. Older films will still be covered, but only if I feel I have something significant to write about them.

-There will be more "bloggy" posts, for lack of a better word. These will be treatises, ramblings, and other personal views on film, music, and political issues. I never really wanted this site to boil down to personal ramblings all the time so I will try to have an intellectual argument to what I post.

Over the past few months, I have picked up thoughtful comments and feedback from people, which is greatly appreciated. Even if it is a small number, after years of toiling away for practically nothing, to have someone take the time to post a comment, I thank you.

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