Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm Ambivalent about Bonnaroo

Unlike past years, I wasn't going to post anything about Bonnaroo because I wasn't planning on going. Then, a couple of days ago when it began popping up that the lineup was coming out, I thought about postponing my move to Portland (again) and heading back down to Manchester for a sixth year. But after seeing it, however, I think I'll head West. Obviously, the biggest issue is with Metallica as a headliner. I've been one of the few people that have really liked the ever diverse lineups that Bonnaroo gets, but Metallica is the wrong choice. I don't know how many metal meatheads would actually make the trip but the threat of them showing up just to see Metallica and not give two shits about any other band is not some place I want to be. I've been supportive of Superfly and their decisions to make Bonnaroo the most accomodating (musically speaking) festival in this country but there comes a point where crass commercialism overtakes the spirit of the event. Musically, it hasn't quite happened but now that the early-bird tickets are more than $200. That plus my travel expenses make it not worth it, especially with a move in front of me. All that said, the lineup isn't that bad but a lot of the acts I would want to see I've already seen in past years or at other events. It's the first time I can say I've been disappointed about Bonnaroo. It'll be weird not being there after the last five years.

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