Friday, June 01, 2007

A Change In the Works...Hopefully

I know this site is for the most part irrelevant. Reviewing films that have been out for months before doesn't really have any positive benefits, mostly it causes a backlog in my viewing seeing that I have to get everything through Netflix. Hopefully, that will all change. The Art Mission here is Binghamton has finally opened their Art House theatre but the bad news is that they still don't have any projectors. According to the article in the Press & Sun-Bulletin, projectors should be arriving soon, and that means I will be able to review films within a relatively close time of their U.S. theatrical release date. It's been a long time coming and hopefully, the Art Mission will actually get the projectors (it's never a safe bet to assume around here.) So, hopefully, some more relevant reviews will show up here in the near future, though I know no one really visits here anyway.

On a completely unrelated note, Bonnaroo is two weeks away and I got my tickets today. I'm always psyched about the trip, especially since I'm going VIP, but this year's scheduling leaves a lot to be desired. I know some of it is out of Superfly's hands, but there seems to be a lot of similar bands playing against each other, most notably being the Decemberists/Wilco/Feist clustef*&k on Sunday evening. I've been every year since '03 and I can't remember having as many serious conflicts as this year. Still, even though I said last year was going to be my last, I just can't keep away from the best music festival in the country.

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