Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Don't Give a Crap About the Oscars

Academy Award nominations were announced yesterday but I don't care about them anymore. If you want to look back in the archives, you'll find that I said that if Crash won Best Picture last year, I would boycott watching and caring about them forever. I'm a man of my word, so I'll stay away from any Oscar related news. Besides, I haven't seen enough films from this year to have a real valid opinion anyway. The Academy has a long history of dubious decisions and as of late, have been rewarding tripe like A Beautiful Mind and Crash. These films fuel the cheap liberal guilt that is rampant in Hollywood and give perfect opportunity for those vapid dingbats to think they're edgy and get it. The problem is they reward films that are emotionally manipulative and don't actually have any degree of substance or political conviction to them. There's an article by Pete Keough of The Phoenix online that pretty much sums up my feelings of what gets nominated and why. You can check it out here. I haven't seen many of these films so I can't say for certain that I feel the same about every specific performance but the gist of the story is what's important. As for my specific feelings, all I've heard about Babel is that it's Crash taking place all over the world instead of just L.A., which means it will probably win Best Picture.

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