Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Hope I Don't Think I'm Important Now

This site has been around since January, and in the past year I've had around 120 page views or whatever qualifying feature sitemeter uses to track people visiting this blog. I'm certain that out of those 120, a good percentage were myself (I'll say around 35 to 40%). I've never created this site wishing to have a lot of visitors; it was mostly a way to stoke my ego because who doesn't want to read a half-assed review of Casino ten years after it was released? The lack of anyone else finding the site never really bothered me. I kind of accepted that The Useless Film Snob wasn't that great either.

All of this lead to the decision to just remove the site until I had a realization that since every other blog out there was posting a year-end list of the best albums, I might as well feed my ego and join in. So the Useless Film Snob got reinvented as a music site for a few days. Then, something weird happened. Since I posted the first part of my list on Sunday, I've gotten half as many visits in the last two days as I've gotten since I started the site in January. I found out the reason was that my list got posted on Largehearted Boy's index of best 0f lists, which I never expected to happen. I guess it's flattering to be on the same list with credible publications and well-known blogs. But I just made the list to for myself; and never really thought it would be taken seriously, or even seen, by hardly anyone else. I'm not trying to be an influential music blogger; there are too many of those already. What I'm trying to say is that I don't think I have any credible opinions to offer about music. I just like music a lot and happen to post about it from time to time. I do appreicated Largehearted Boy for adding me to his list. They do a great job of posting Bonnaroo and Vegoose sets to download. They are a credible music blog. And while I do appreciate that it has brought more visitors, I hope it doesn't mean this site will actually be taken seriously now.

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